A mobile application to treat migraine, a less radical solution than medicine

A mobile application to treat migraine, a less radical solution than medicine

Technology has brought us many positive aspects. Communications through the digital medium has allowed us to have a much more global world.

However, the massive use of mobile devices is generating problems among society such as anxiety or migraines. Yes, in some cases, these conditions are developing because of the screens.

The solution, in theory, would have to happen, directly, by the less frequent use of this type of connected devices.

However, a new study has found a connection between a decrease in transient headaches and the use of mobile applications. This solution could open, in fact, a new line of research.

A mobile application could improve the quality of life of people with migraines

This project has resulted in the appearance of a new software called relax and head, an innovation that would allow users with migraines to enjoy a better quality of life.

The base of participation in the research is not high, much less, but it has served to find a first pattern of effectiveness.

Are we facing the arrival of applications that will allow a better quality to people with different conditions? On previous occasions, we have already witnessed how the technology sector and the health sector seem to go hand in hand. This, therefore, is a new example of this curious relationship.

Let’s see, then, what this new technology is based on, what implications it can have for the coming years and what is done in a system that could change the treatment of this disease. Its arrival in the market will depend on the contrast.

A project with a discrete sample, but with a great ambition.

As can be read by the organization NYU Langone Health, an entity that has carried out the research, a total of 51 patients with this condition for 90 days the application protagonist of the article.

The conclusions would have shown that its use has allowed to improve the quality of life by applying only a few exercises each day.

In order to have a stable database, users must record the level of headache and symptoms from time to time.

In this way, a pattern related to the use of applications and its possible derivation in an episode of migraines can be established. The main result was demonstrated in the 4 days with its use.

Since the publication of the conclusions in the specialized magazine Digital Medicine of nature, many of the users who wanted to download the application, but the truth is that it is not yet available to the public. Why?

One of the benefits of this kind of therapy lies in the decrease in the use of products derived from medicine, which are more aggressive and have a variety of possible side effects.

Even so, the negative note of the experiment showed that the use of the application was markedly reduced, the days went by.

Insufficient conclusions to have a reliable result

Can a mobile application reduce problems due to diseases such as migraines? A tenor for the presentation of the results, it could be said that there is still a whole series of movements directed to research.

In the end, several economic contributions in the field of neurology have not been enough to take into account one criterion.

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