Amazon launches bracelet that gives “touches” if you eat more

Amazon launched a bracelet or bracelet that promises to help you stop your bad habits, such as eating too much or biting your nails. However, this bracelet is not like the others, because every time you fail with any goal you have set, the Pavlok bracelet will give you an electric shock of 350 volts.

According to the Daily Mail portal, the device emits electric touches that can be programmed to create new habits and eliminate bad habits, through an app that is downloaded to the cell phone.

The company that develops them affirms that “within 3-5 days”, you will begin to notice that your anxieties will be significantly reduced if not disappear completely.

Its use is quite easy, in the app (available for Android) the Pavlok carrier determines what type of habit he wants to leave and selects the intensity with which he wants to receive the punishment for carrying out said behavior.

Electric shock for getting out of the budget

This device is made of silicone and has 150 downloads, so. It is also possible to link it to your bank account, so that you receive a download for exceeding your spending limit, or use a GPS sensor to administer an electric shock if you do not go to the gym.

The inventor, Maneesh Sethi believes that “it feels like he’s touching a doorknob after rubbing his socks on the carpet.” The Pavlok Bracelet can be obtained through online stores or on the same Plavok page.

Through a mobile application you can define a program that generates habits within which includes a GPS to generate routine gym assistance. It will also be possible to regulate the discharge intensity, stating that changes will begin to be noticed between 3 and 5 days later.

It is worth mentioning that this product is an example of success financed by a crowfounding campaign some years ago that today is a reality that will continue to seek to correct unwanted behavior.

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