Beverly Hills passed the law that prohibits the sale of tobacco

Beverly Hills prohibits the sale of tobacco.

Approved a rule that prevents the commercialization of all products related to the strand as of January 1, 2021

The city council of the city of Beverly Hills approved on Tuesday an ordinance that prohibits the sale of cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, pipe tobacco and other products with tobacco as of 2021, except for three exclusive salons frequented by celebrities, among them the former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

it is the first city that makes it in the United States

The ban extends to sales at gas stations, pharmacies, warehouses and stores. However, exempt the hotels and three luxurious cigar rooms in the glamorous California city.

The ordinance allows the sale of tobacco in hotels, where tourists must smoke outside, and in existing cigar rooms.

Service station owners opposed the measure, saying it was unfairly focused on their businesses and could lead to the dismissal of employees.

City officials said the ban was the best step to protect public health.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, last month, wrote a letter requesting the exclusion of one of those ban salons, the “Grand Havana Room” club.

Grand Havana Room”, of which I have been a member since its inception, offers a treasured home far from home, “wrote Schwarzenegger.”

It is unthinkable that the city can adopt a policy that intentionally or not causes the closure of this institution that defines the character”.

From the beginning Schwarzenegger made it clear that he supported the ban, but that he should have exceptions.

For its part, the city also plans to conduct a study on how the ban would affect tourism in the next three years.

The voting result will not affect smoking in the city, although existing city regulations already restrict smoking in many public areas, as well as in several housing units.

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