The patch adheres to the lower part of the left pectoral muscleAnd.

Create an intelligent patch to reduce stress

Adhered to the chest and by vibration patterns, this wearable teaches the user breathing patterns with which to correct the variability of the heart rhythm and thereby reduce the level of cortisol, a hormone causing stress, so involved in heart attacks and strokes.

Stress can kill you. There are already many researches that have linked it with premature aging and various physical illnesses. And is that feeling stressed generates cortisol, the hormone that facilitates that primary reaction to fight or flee.

If the levels of this substance are maintained at a high rate for a long time, the immune system ends up suffering, bone formation is reduced and all together causes premature aging of the body.

Stress increases the risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%
In addition, stress increases by 50% the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Therefore, read all the above, there is no choice but to assume that to ensure a good state of health must keep stress to a minimum.

As it does not seem like a simple task, an American initiative has developed an artifact that aims to help us control this dangerous evil that is living stressed.


They have called it Lief and it is an intelligent patch, that is, a “biosensor that tracks and optimizes resilience” to stress. As it does? Measuring the increase in heart rate variability, a marker of both physical and physiological health.

Generally, low values ​​in this variability suggest anxiety, distraction and poor performance; while an improvement of them has associated a decrease in stress, more concentration and, of course, superior performance.

The device has been created from flexible silicone.

It has a three-axis gyroscope and an electrocardiogram sensor that registers with tremendous accuracy the beats and movements of the heart. Also, it has two tactile motors in charge of carrying out the task of vibration, so important for the user.

The patch adheres to the lower part of the left pectoral muscle
And, in terms of its use and handling, the patch is attached to the lower part of the left pectoral muscle and, through small vibrations, provides a guideline with which the patient has to synchronize their breathing for three minutes.

These exercises, say the creators of the ingenuity, improve the variability of the heart rate by 140%.


Who are the creators of this device? Behind Lief, there is a startup company that has chosen a crowdfunding platform as a way to finance the project. So far, this smart patch that fights stress has already raised more than $ 255,000, well in excess of $ 50,000 marked as an economic goal.

Its sale price will touch 200 euros. And the company sets the date of delivery of the first orders at the beginning of summer.

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