Digital health, another blockchain advance that changes the world

The advances of the digital era continue to bear fruit on a daily basis. We are not only talking about projects or big businessmen giving technological details that the ordinary citizen does not understand, that they do not know or that they simply speak with such a technicality that they are less and less understood.

Despite this, beyond the technical specifications, or the difficult explanations that try to give, people cry for cutting edge technology, accessible, intuitive and that generates improvements in the way of life and that these developments allow caring what will allow them to obtain money, family, goods and others.

That need translates into Health, when the human being has health, is able to reach great things, a healthy mason can build a house faster. Therefore, I would have more time to share as a family or simply to have another similar job.

Suppose you get sick, the mason goes to a health center and may be illiterate, when the treating doctor gives you the prescription is exposed to the pharmacist interpret the recipe and sell the right medication and not take advantage of the ignorance of the builder and sell something inappropriate.

Questions like these are already being solved thanks to the REXCHAIN ​​platform developed by the company Prescrypto de México. This platform transformed the medical prescriptions of paper into digital information, for it uses open source blockchain technology.

At the local level, the system is used free of charge so that there is an interrelation between doctors and pharmacists. Facilitating manual work, minimizing the use of medical prescriptions for fraudulent uses.

The Mexican Institute of Social Security has already implemented this system, which allows doctors to reach a faster and more timely diagnosis because the information is stored on the network, this means that the bricklayer who went to the internist for pain .

And this refers him to radiology and then he has to go back to the internist, he does not need to carry references or written medical orders since everything is in the network, including the radiological results.

Some will ask, what is the difference with the existing programs that provide these services in clinics?

The answer will always be based on, rapidity, immutability, transparency and auditing. But not everything is based on a health care center, that’s why those blockchain-based software are globalized, they connect faster a national health network with multiple functions.

Namely a unique national medical prescription which allows that if this person move to another region, does not require you to open a unique medical history, much less wait for patient information to be sent to you by mail (at best), but you have access to all the patient’s medical information instantly, medical prescriptions, diagnoses, laboratory tests, radiology, etc.

In short, a complete system that allows the doctor to obtain a generalized view of the patient with their background and thus achieves a more efficient diagnosis.

Solutions like these are what the common citizen requires, and the philosophy of the blockchain comes precisely to that, to unite the world of the possible with the needs in an efficient and lasting way.

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