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Dying in a luxury clinic for a liposuction

He was a few kilos more and a double chin pronounced for his age. She was of Cuban nationality and decided that she wanted to be prettier and “look pretty” under the Marbella sun. At 46, what was going to be a mere liposuction and eye fix ended his life.

This Friday has been buried in Marbella. Dr. T.D.Z, aesthetic plastic surgeon who practiced this operation, spoke exclusively to El Confidencial after the event: “I wanted to be in the wake for both her and her family members.

My conscience is very calm and I have not committed any negligence. After six hours of operation with local anesthesia and sedation, I left her in the operating room and even started talking. I went to have a Coke and, by the way, to tell her husband that everything had gone very well.

At that moment they told me that I had gone into cardiac arrest and that I had had a heart attack. 98% of the deaths that occur during a plastic surgery intervention are not due to the doctor’s cause but due to complications with anesthesia. “

The doctor who operated on the last patient who died due to cosmetic surgery in this country is so clear and resounding.

It is incredible that there are 14,000 deaths in the operating room per year and only come to light when they are aesthetics,” complains the surgeon.

The journalists,” he continues, “do not let go of one.

” The event occurred at the Humanline Banús Hospital, the former Molding Clinic, a spectacular luxury building in the midst of the Marbella Golden Mile, which jumped to the front page of the media when Stella Obasanjo, the first lady of Nigeria, died in him after undergoing a liposuction.

Dr.T.DZ is no stranger to this fact: “The fact that there are two accidents on the same road does not mean that the road is badly done.

The thing about Obasanjo’s death, remember, was 10 years ago. Eight people and each one of them undertook their task correctly, I’m looking forward to the judge calling me to testify, because I have nothing to hide. “

The Court of Instruction number 3 of Marbella investigates the causes of the death of the last woman. The management of the private clinic Humanline hospital, run by Carlos de Sola, has issued a statement in which he clarifies that “the doctor who performed the intervention was external to the health center.”

According to sources at the clinic, “this doctor, outside the team of medical professionals who make up the workforce, was given the facilities, a practice that is very common in private hospital centers.

” Dr. TDZ wants to record the discontent he has for these evaluations of the clinic: “Do not throw balloons out because all the staff that operated on the patient was from the clinic minus my nurse and I, and I reiterate that I was fine after the intervention “

“Do not throw balloons out because all the staff that operated on the patient was from the clinic minus my nurse and I, and I reiterate that I was fine after the intervention “

The clinic lamented the death of the patient, who last Friday underwent an aesthetic operation that included: eyelid reduction, face lift and liposuction in the upper limbs. TDZ alerts:

The patient who administered the local anesthesia was a clinic doctor, while the operation was being performed, the woman was conscious and talking to all of us.

Later, she said, she was diagnosed with a cerebral infarction and that generated cardiorespiratory arrest, from which it was attended until the vital signs were recovered “.

At the Costa del Sol hospital, he was admitted to the intensive care unit; there he remained in a coma until he died last Sunday.

“Since that moment, there was not a single day when I stopped sending a wasap to the relatives, I even told them I wanted to go to the funeral … but they did not want to, in these cases everyone looks for a guilty but I have a very calm conscience, I have been operating for more than 34 years.

“So far no one wants to speak, since the forensic result has not been conclusive, the body was transferred to the Legal Medicine Institute of Malaga and several samples were collected there. They were sent to the Institute of Toxicology, in Seville, to try to clarify what triggered the death.

The two victims

Dr. T.D.Z, who kindly attended El Confidencial, is concerned about the repercussions for his career. “I operate,” he continues, “at the Clínica Moncloa, at the Clínica de la Luz in Madrid and at the Quirón Clinic in Marbella, and my name, whatever happens, will be stained.”

Dr. Mena was accused of reckless homicide because, according to the prosecution, “he did not correctly control the cannula with which the fat was extracted.” Due to this, she caused the patient five incisions that caused “a massive loss of blood” and her subsequent death by septic and hypovolemic shock.

“In my case, as has been demonstrated, continues T.D.Z. to this medium-, despite being a double chin operation, I have not touched the jugular or any vein. “

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