Google launches an application capable of transcribing in real time

Google launches an application capable of transcribing in real time everything you hear

INTERNATIONAL DRAFTing.-Google continues to increase its already extensive list of own applications. The last to join IS Live transcribe (instant transcription), a tool able to transcribe almost instantaneously everything that the phone is listening.

The app is based on a job presented three months ago and is now available to download in the Google Play, as long as your version of the operating system is superior to Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, as reported by Engadget.

Users who have already tried it assure that it works better than what one expects when downloading a transcription application, and they say that it is not necessary to talk in a paused way because its main function is to transcribe conversations.

This project was developed thinking about deaf people. It is an accessible tool that allows you to understand anyone who does not know the sign language. The application is added to the one already launched by the Lookout company, designed for blind people.

Although the focus is clear, Google ensures that anyone can use it for free, as it can be useful for different situations. Besides, it’s very easy to use.

When you open the application, it directly starts to detect sounds and conversations around, showing the text on the device screen, which can be extensible in the configuration. The best thing is that it works quickly and you have managed to avoid background noise, so it does not affect the detection of words.

It is so precise that it is also able to determine when you hear some particular noise, such as a dog’s bark, cough or music, indiáncolo on the screen differently from the other text.

For the time being, the app works in more than 70 languages. The transcripts are stored on the device for up to three days and only with a ‘ copy ‘ and ‘ Paste ‘ we can save it on a word page or a note on the phone.

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