High quality plastic surgery, guaranteed customer satisfaction and low

Iran, the paradise of cosmetic surgery

High quality plastic surgery, guaranteed customer satisfaction and low prices are some of the attractions that lead to the growing number of people willing to undergo plastic surgery in Iran.

The local surgery attracts both the Iranians themselves and the citizens of other countries.

Health tourism or medical is undoubtedly one of the new trends of tourism in Iran. According to reports, the majority of people who plan to undergo a cosmetic surgery in Iranian medical institutions are citizens of countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and Iranians living abroad.

Dr. Alireza Fadaei Nayani, a specialist in plastic surgery and an associate professor at the University of Medical Sciences, in an interview with Sputnik, explained the reasons for the popularity of Iranian surgery in the world.

The doctor emphasized that, contrary to the popular belief, plastic surgery is not only for beauty. In fact it has five separate areas.

Its main fields of action are: surgery of the hands and peripheral nerves; the restoration of organs; dental and maxillofacial surgery; the healing of severe burns; and the last, and the most famous, beauty surgery.

The restoration of organs in Iran received an important boost to their development after the Iran-Iraq war that took place between 1980-1988. At present, many doctors specialized in this field are working in Iran.

“I must say that Iran is one of the countries where beauty surgery is also well developed and comparable to that of the leading nations in the world, its quality can compete with that of countries like the United States and the United Kingdom,” said Alireza. Fadaei Nayani

However, the specialist remarked that in the plastic surgery industry in Iran not everything is perfect. “It is worth noting that, unfortunately, there is no reliable statistical information on the number and types [of interventions].

Most common plastic surgery in the country, the reason for this is that the clinics or doctors who carry out the operations they do not always record them in order to avoid paying taxes. “

In addition, there is no system that effectively regulates the sphere of cosmetic surgery, perhaps because other areas of medicine are a priority for the Government.

“Many times it is the financial problems that push doctors to carry out operations in the field of beauty, since the [public] health insurance system has a great debt to them, which in turn leads to a reduction in the quality of this type of intervention “, concludes the doctor.

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