My body collapsed Thali García after trying a famous diet.

The actress of the Telemundo telenovela Un poco tuyo told through her social networks that she tried a famous diet that caused her important damages in her organism and that caused her health to be in danger.

The obsession to wear a perfect body leads many people -mostly women- to submit to strict diets in order to lose weight that end up putting their health at risk.

Thali García, who plays ‘Vivi’ Solano, the daughter of Jorge Salinas, in Telemundo’s telenovela Un poco tuyo, knows it very well since she has lived it in her own skin.

The 29-year-old Mexican actress, who also gave life to Maritza Rodríguez’s daughter in the successful romantic comedy of Telemundo Silvana without wool, tested a famous diet weeks ago that caused her body to suffer important damages and caused her body to collapse.

In this diet you basically do not eat sugar, you do not eat carb, you only eat fats, proteins, some vegetables and supplements.

The truth is that it was very difficult, it was like the most strict thing I have ever done in my life.

I was not feeling well while I was on the diet, but on Wednesday of last week my body finally collapsed and I had vomiting and fever and discomfort all over my body.

After going to a gastroenterologist and performing the relevant tests, the actress discovered that not only had a thyroid hormonal imbalance but also had the highest triglycerides, which could cause a heart attack.

After many years I had a thyroid hormonal imbalance, that those who have thyroid know what that means; one feels fatal, but aside to my surprise I had triglycerides at double what a normal person should have.

This implies a great risk because it can cover your arteries and you can have a heart attack or something that triggers death, “he explained.

Apart from everything that is fucking me right now because I do not have the energy to train, the last days I have felt terrible, I have tired climbing the stairs of my house,” he added.

The actress wanted to make public what happened to raise awareness about how important it is to take care of your health.

It is very bad that at 29 years old my body is with this situation of its own free will, because with honesty I tell them that the last years of my life have been a tireless search of what to do to be skinny or to maintain myself or be fit”, sincere.

And why am I telling you all that? Not to victimize me, much less, but to see that it is dangerous, that it is not good to subject changes so abrupt and so extreme to your body, “said Thali, who claims to have learned the lesson.

I think we’ve become super banal, and I include myself completely. We have given too much importance to how we see ourselves or how we should see ourselves without understanding.

That the most important thing is that we have balance, peace and tranquility in our lives and give a good example to our children and the people around us “, concluded the actress .

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