The knee prostheses of the near future are smart

The knee prostheses of the near future are smart

Researchers from the University of Binghamton (United States) are working on the creation of an intelligent knee prosthesis that, through sensors, allows to know how much pressure is exerted and, thus, adjust them to avoid damage.

To carry out the work, experts have used triboelectric energy, a type of energy that is obtained from friction. Once someone walks, the friction of the microsurfaces coming into contact with each other can be used to power the charge sensors.

Preliminary tests showed that the walk of the average person will produce six levels of power, more than enough to power the sensors. This part of the research was complemented by experts from the University of Western Ontario (Canada), who worked on the design of prostheses and sensors.

These smart prosthetics will not only give feedback to doctors, but will also help researchers in the development of future prostheses. “The sensors will tell us more about the demands that are placed on the prosthesis, and with that knowledge, researchers can begin to improve the implants even more,” they said.

Also, researchers have commented that these prostheses could prevent the performance of knee replacement surgeries, which will benefit especially the youngest.

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