The most alien inventions that already work on Earth

The most alien inventions that already work on Earth

Although they may seem like Martians, they do not come from the Red Planet, but they were born in our own, although, yes, they may be ahead of their time.

So are the devices, applications or systems that inhabit the Martian Week of Accenture Digital, an event that invades the offices of the company to show the world their creations.

“A man with an idea is a madman until he triumphs”, said Mark Twain and that seems to be the motto that marks the daily life of the Liquid Squad team of Accenture Digital, creative minds of this universe.

Thus, Juan Alonso, responsible for innovation in Liquid Squad of Accenture Digital, explains that they are somewhat Martian ideas but are already fully applicable to our lives, “in fact, many arise because the clients themselves have asked for them.

Others, because their colleagues have demanded them. And behind them, the same goal: the digitalization of physical spaces, how the physical and digital are mixed in our day to day. “

This year, three are the leading spaces: retail, work place and leisure, together with industry, “sectors where more is betting on innovation right now,” says Juan Alonso.

A showcase of innovation in which we find crazy ideas, but born of day-to-day problems and, thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or facial recognition, they become the perfect solution.

One of them is a small luminous translucent cube that, at the request of a cruise company, developed the Liquid Squad team to be able to inform passengers of different information regarding their trip: temperature, occupancy level of the pools or restaurants of the boat, etc.

“The easiest thing would have been to offer an app that would give you that information, but we were looking for something more novel, intuitive and without distractions.

So we developed this Travel Cube, an intuitive experience and digital manufacturing (3D printing).

The information is the basis of another of the Martians that can be seen in the exhibition, in this case, in the form of a virtual assistant through which it is possible to know from the number of packages received in an office to the favorite song of its employees heard that day through the Spotify platform.

But in addition and to revolutionize the work spaces, in the Martian Week it is possible to see how in real time we can know where an employee is located inside the office, the occupation level of the restrooms or the free work places.

Industry and retail

The retail sector is another of the protagonists of Liquid Squad’s crazy inventions and so the team shows, for example, a Make-UP Corner Magic Mirror where to choose, through extended reality and visual recognition of objects, a make-up and pay directly with cell phone.

There is also an augmented store manager wine exhibitor that has an application for the store manager, for customers and the different exhibitors of products with electronic labels (liquid ink).

In addition, it allows the seller to manage stock and offers, in order to change prices and offer promotions dynamically, through real-time data analysis.

On the other hand, the client in store can scan with his mobile the code bidi of the labels of the different products and receive a personalized offer of instantaneous form.

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